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Our online cryptocurrency trading course India provide certification training in investment management and stock trading.

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Trading is a huge business nowadays, with many individuals going through professional training to learn how to trade. As the digital age began, students were given the opportunity to obtain a professional certification in a variety of areas, including trade.

Fundamentals Of Market Microstructure: This subject will introduce students to the real operation of benefit markets. Students will get in-depth understanding of various types of orders and market participants. They will also learn how to efficiently execute various forms of liquidity, orders, trading prices, and how to minimise them.

Financial Statement Fundamentals: This lesson focuses on the fundamentals of financial statements and provides a quick overview of many typical filing techniques. Because strategies rely heavily on financial statements, understanding the fundamental principles is critical for aspiring professional traders.

Financial Statement Analysis: In this subject, students will learn how to recognise accounting information spontaneously, which will help them construct trading strategies. By the end of the lesson, students will be able to compute important financial ratios.

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Live 1-to-1 & Group Classes
Duration: 2Weeks (Including Practice)

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